Who We Are



Sri and Or are blessed to combine the experience and gifts God has given them as a catalyst to revival in this land. Sri, born and grown up in south India. He is an entrepreneur, Journalist, motivational public speaker and founder of a humanitarian organization called "His heart ministries" that cares for orphans, widows and leper's in India. Sri served for years in India where he built up leaders in supernatural schools. God used him and his team to lead thousands into God's Love. Meanwhile, Or, a native Israeli has passionately pursued the supernatural and wooed her people into the Father's heart, showing the love of the Lord to the Jews. Together, they are excited to merge their gifts and passions to serve in Israel to gather the harvest God has promised to this nation! 

Sri and Or believe that God placed them in Israel for a strategic purpose. They want the Jewish people to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit constantly. They want them to walk in the miraculous power of God. 

God has given them downloads and strategies for helping Israel and Jewish people. He showed them in a dream that Jewish people seek signs and wonders. Ever since, they've wanted to start programs that are focused on deeper intimacy with the Lord, teaching students how to walk in signs and wonders and Holy Spirit fire! They strongly believe that God will soften the hearts of Israelis to see their eternal purpose through supernatural encounters!